Monday, 15 June 2015

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Hey all,
I am now blogging on my website page instead so please head over to to stay up to date with my latest activities.
Hope you venture over there and we can continue to chat!
Over and out.
Helen Shippey

Friday, 12 August 2011


On Wednesday next week I am photographing the winter collection for Babatude and we are now looking for Children Models for that shoot.

'We are looking for babies and toddlers and little ones, for our next photo shoot on Wednesday 17th August! If you know of any gorrrrrgeous babies aged between 9 months through to 4 years, that are Dubai-based and might be interested in becoming a Babatude mini-model, please have their Mum or Dad email Joanna – - with a couple of recent pictures as soon as possible ! x'
If you have a little one that fits the age criteria and are available on Wednesday morning please don't hesitate to email a recent photograph to Joanna she is scouting for the models.
Don't fret if you are not in Dubai for this photo shoot more photo shoots will come later on in the year.

Not one of my images. Previous Babatude collection

Thursday, 3 February 2011

I am still using chillies for every meal part from breakfast. :-) Although I have heard that hot chocolate and chillies are a great combination. But then again I am not drinking hot chocolate for breakfast.
I am enjoying learning how to cook/steam vegetables for dinner. I never really ate them growing up and have never really made a dinner with vegetables unless they have been part of a stew, so I am surprising myself in how much I am enjoying eating them. Today I even had raw cauliflower as a snack. Not too shabby I must say and very healthy don’t you think?
My hubby laughed at me the other day when I asked if you eat the green leaves on the cauliflower. I just don’t want to waste any food and don’t mind cooking them if you are supposed to but apparently you don’t eat that part.
Just so you are aware I grew up on salads not vegetables my hubby grew up eating vegetables and very over cooked ones. Me I prefer them to still be almost raw at least crunchy. In my pursue of the perfect steamed vegetables I can say that it is much yummier to eat vegetables that you have bought fresh and not the frozen ones.
I have had a great start work wise this February with a few jobs coming in and that is without me really looking for any so that is great. I am very pleased since I know that being new in town I probably need to crank up the marketing a bit in the beginning.

I am tomorrow for instance photographing a ski tournament in Dubai which will be great fun. I am doing it Pro-bono to market myself towards the Scandinavian market.!/home.php?sk=group_143110569081030

I am also giving away a Free Family Portrait session as a prize. Thinking that I need to do a few things like these in the beginning to get seen so people know that I am back in town again.

Next week I will be busy with photographing golfers during the Dubai Desert Classic tournament. As well as a golf clinic with Richie Ramsay at Al Badia Golf Club.
So happy days but busy ones for sure.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Red Chillies for dinner.

Wow this thing about being able to cook again in my own kitchen is great but it asks a lot of creativity out of you. I know this might sound silly to you that have been cooking all along (I have not had a kitchen to cook in for 3yrs and 3 months) but every meal seems to be so often and I am only talking about dinner here. Breakfast and lunch we (hubby and I) both eat separately so I don’t need to plan that thankfully. I definitively need to get some routine and new ideas on what to cook for dinner. Once our container arrives I will have to dig up the cooking books. The single best thing about cooking again is that I can make what I feel like having for dinner that night! And spice it the way I prefer it, with lots of fresh chillies! Yummy.
I used to go to the Fruit and Vegetable market in Dubai for great photo opportunities when I lived here before, I think I need to go back there for some fresh veggies and herbs and maybe bring my camera along as well shame to leave it at home... :-)
I wonder what I should make for dinner tonight?
Please if you have a favourite food recipe do share it with me! I would love to hear what you cook in your kitchen give me some inspiration.
In the meantime I might need to use this website:
for ideas. Hum here is an idea maybe I should start taking food photographs? Food for thought. Pun intended.
If you have similar thoguths check put this food photography link:


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Arrived safe and sound to Dubai, U.A.E.

I just want to let you all know that I have arrived safe and sound to Dubai. Plane was a bit delayed and I did loose my hubby for 45 minutes at the airport but part from that everything went smooth. :-)

We are both very happy to be back in Dubai. It feels like we never left more like that we have been on a 3 year long holiday.
We have already had time to see a few friends over lunch and dinner which have been great.

I am however soreley missing my Hastens bed and pillow!! I so wish that our shippment would arrive tomorrow. The sooner the better. Our relocation firm that we are using did however say that it would take 30-45 days for our furniture to arrive to Dubai. In the mean time I think I need to frequent the gym and the pool to get some excersice just so that my body will not suffer too much from being in the 'wrong' bed. Anything that is not a Hastens bed is a 'wrong' bed incase you did not know.
If you have no idea what I am talking about check out their website or ask me questions.
Talk to you again soon.
I now need to get up to the pool and get to work.
Helen xx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Aperitifs by Chefs at Marriott Red Sea Resort - Egypt

I was attending The Race to Taba Heights golf presentation the other night. Taking the photographs of that days winner, runner ups etc. of the golf tournament. The evening presentation was held at the Marriott Red Sea Resort and the Chef had made these gorgeous and very tasty aperitifs for the event I of course could not help but to take a few snaps of them before everyone indulged, they were gone pretty quickly so if you wanted any you needed to be swift. But that is always a good sign for the Chef so all compliments to him well done on the aperitifs. My personal favorite was the pastries with blue cheese in, the chocolates were of course very good as well!
If you are interested in the presentation images I took you can find them all on the Taba Heights Golf Resort facebok page,

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Great Image - If only the subject had been slightly more to the...

Have you ever had those photography moments when you later look at the image and you think if only... I had done that or if the subject had moved this way or that?
I am now looking at the images I took while visiting Petra in Jordan last friday and I have one of them moments now. I actually saw it already in the camera at the time but the moment had gone and was not to come back! So I missed it.
What happened was, I heard a horse galloping down the road towards me I was standing looking at one of the Tombs outside the Petra entrance. The road where the horse came charging down on goes straight infront of the tomb so I quickly tired to get my camera ready (I had put my camera away since we were on our way back and I thought I was finished photographing how wrong was I!) I was as quick as I possibly could have been and pressed the shutter at the moment of when the horse was in my frame in front of the tomb. I got the horse in the frame as I wanted but I did not get all of its legs in. Very annoying to me I so wish I had the whole horse in the frame. But there was no due over, the horse was gone in a few seconds an no other came galloping through well that is not tottaly true I did manage to capture another horse with a tourist on going the other way but it was nothing near a gallop more of a trot if anything so not exactly the same effect as my first image I think anyway. What do you think?